Is there anything I should or shouldn’t do after my treatment?

You should just follow your common sense:

You don’t want to drink lots of alcohol straight away. It would be better to drink a bit more water than you are used to after the session.

You will maybe feel a bit spaced out so walk for a few minutes before you start driving.

It is good to go for a walk after a session to feel how your body is responding to movement and gravity. To see if anything feels different. After a deep tissue session you will probably feel looser and more flexible, have less pain than you had before if you had any and have more freedom of movement in general. So just enjoy the feeling!

Massage will encourage your system to go into recovery mode so maybe you’ll feel a bit tired and lethargic just after the treatment, although your levels of energy are likely to rise up after 1/2 hour or so.

It is possible that you feel a bit of soreness the following day in the areas that have been worked on. This doesn’t happen often but it may happen. Don’t worry about it. It won’t last for long and sometimes things get a bit worse before they get a bit better. If you have any doubt, contact your massage practitioner.

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