What is Pilates?

A series of exercises devised to build and improve strength, stamina, and control by using breath pattern and a strong focus on alignment and placement and coordination. The ‘core’ is often talked about in the ‘exercise industry’ but in Pilates it is referred to as your ‘centre’ and with all the principles combined you can experience good flowing movement which should feel almost effortless once mastered! And the outcome is, you feel more energised, stretched & toned, and at more advanced levels, Pilates can also be a good aerobic form of exercise.

Pilates is a technique that can compliment any other types of exercise you do. It is perfect for runners, tennis players, golfers, horse riders…athletes. Pilates can also be used as a form of Physiotherapy post injury, not to mention protecting you from injury!

The benefits of Pilates are endless!


How can it help Me?



Back ache?




Who can do Pilates?

Anyone & everyone

I’m Pregnant. Is it safe for me? 

Yes. The Pilates technique is great for pre and post natal women.


Will it hurt?


Is there any equipment?

Small equipment balls, weights, roller, magic circles, resistance bands.

Studio classes may involve using the reformer/ Cadillac / Wunda chair etc… Not available at this  clinic.

How many are in a class?

5 people

Where are the classes held?

Winchmore Hill Clinic of Osteopathy & Natural Health   925 Green Lanes, N21 2PB.

Tel: 020 8360 3485  Web: www.winchmore-osteopaths.co.uk


Do you do one to ones?

We do one to one’s arranged between client and teacher.

How much are your classes?

Approx £54 (6 weeks course)

Do you have a timetable and where can I find it? 

Yes , clinic website?

How can I pay for Pilates?

On-line(via BACS-details provided on request), or alternatively, direct to the instructor. Details on this provided when you register for your class/s.

Further details are available on request.

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