I have never had a massage before. What shall I do while I lie down on the massage table?

You don’t need to do anything at all but enjoy your treatment!

Sometimes the practitioner will ask you to do specific movements to help with the treatment, especially if you came for remedial/sports massage or to treat any specific injury or problem.

Some clients like to talk during the treatment. That is ok with me although my feeling is that you will benefit much more if you just get in touch with your body by placing your awareness in the areas that are being worked on.

Most of us live in our heads most of the time and this is a fantastic opportunity for you to switch off your mind, put your attention on your body and just “feel your body”.

See where it feels a bit tight or maybe a bit painful, or maybe it feels great to have pressure, etc…but above all, enjoy. Just by becoming aware your system will start the process of releasing and healing whatever it is there to be released and healed.


If you feel that you need more pressure or less pressure or there is an area where you would like more work or anything you feel might help, please say it. You therapist will always appreciate your feedback and will be delighted to be guided by you!

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