Acupuncture (with or without needles)

Acupuncture is the method of applying delicate fine steel needles (sterile and disposable) into specific areas of the body to aid the body’s own healing response.  Conditions commonly treated include:

  •        Emotional & relaxation difficulties
  •        High blood pressure &  premenstrual syndrome
  •        Infertility and IVF support.
  •        Musculo-skeletal problems

Our registered expert acupuncturist has been practicing for more than 15 years and his specialist areas are:

  •      Fertility/lVF support
  •      Emotional & relaxation difficulties
  •      Pain management
  •      High blood pressure & premenstrual syndrome

Needle-free Acupuncture: Particularly helpful for children & those with poor immunity, eczema and allergies.