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Can I bring a chaperone along?

You are free to bring along a friend or relative with you to act as your chaperone at any time.     

What is Shonishin?

Shonishin for babies and children

Shonishin (children’s needle therapy) is a unique and specialised style of acupuncture developed over 250 years ago in Japan for babies & children. It is well tolerated due to its very gentle and effective approach.


Shonishin recognises that children do not like needles and has instead developed specific techniques, many of which are non-invasive and thus not frightening to the child. The channels and points are stimulated by gently stroking, rubbing or tapping with a variety of rounded silver, gold and stainless steel tools. Without penetrating the skin, these different kinds of stimulation have a strong therapeutic effect.

When applied for short periods of time in simple systematic patterns, these techniques have been found to be very helpful for both parents and their children. It is used particularly from birth through to age five or older.

What happens during the treatment? 

After a discussion of your child’s condition and medical history, the pulse is taken and the abdomen is felt, in order to evaluate areas of imbalance. Initial treatment consists of a few minutes of stimulating the channels using Shonishin tools. Particular points may then be stimulated to specifically address the underlying imbalance. At the end of the treatment a small ‘press sphere’, a tiny round ball bearing (usually gold or silver) might be placed on the skin that can be left in for a few hours.

Home Therapy

Shonishin is a whole treatment for your child in several steps. Whilst some of these steps can only be done by an acupuncturist, other techniques can be taught to parents, so that the effects can be reinforced by regular application at home. This approach is appreciated by parents who welcome the opportunity to participate more actively in their children’s wellbeing.

Scope of Shonishin

The general treatment can be very helpful for supporting your child’s vital energy and health. When correctly applied, Shonishin is very relaxing and gives a sense of well-being. It is a valuable support to parents, enabling them to reinforce these techniques at home.

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