Is Osteopathy safe?

Yes, it is safe. Osteopaths undergo training for many years and an important part of the training is knowing when treatment is not suitable for a patient.  Osteopaths are taught to recognise medical conditions which can present as musculoskeletal pain.  In situations where the osteopath is concern then they will ask permission to write to your GP.

In the press, there is a lot of concern about neck manipulations (‘clicking’) and the fact that there have been a few cases of stroke associated with this technique.  All osteopaths are trained to perform upper neck manipulations in a way that minimises the risks of this happening and we manipulate with a minimum of force.  We will always ask your consent before doing this technique and we only perform this treatment after using our clinical judgement based on your case history and your symptoms. For further information talk to the osteopath who is treating you.

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